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【召喚所有女巫、巫師和麻瓜!】M&S與華納兄弟合作,推出《哈利波特》特別版聯乘系列糖果。 ⭐ 多款結合奇幻和美味的甜點包括:牛奶朱古力接骨木魔仗、鄧不利多最喜歡的麻瓜零食檸檬糖、眨眼即逝的牛奶朱古力金探子、拿着朱古力魔仗的哈利公仔,還有大家的至愛⋯⋯牛奶朱古力青蛙!🐸🍫 如果您不知道帶哪款回家才好,說不定可以找牛奶朱古力分類帽問問看,為您指點迷津! 🔮 Calling all witches, wizards and Muggles – we have introduced some special edition Harry Potter confectionery items in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. ⭐ Including everything from a delicious Milk Chocolate Elder Wand complete with Professor Dumbledore’s favourite - the trusty Sherbet ...Lemon, a blink-and-it’s-gone Milk Chocolate Golden Snitch, Harry Potter Toy with Chocolate Wand and everybody’s favourite – the Milk Chocolate Frog. 🐸 🍫 If you still can’t decide, have a word with the Milk Chocolate Sorting Hat to see if it can riddle out a recommendation for you! 🔮 • • • #thisisnotjust #mymarksfave #harrypotter 展开