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秋意逐漸轉濃,至適合品嚐期間限定的兩款秋季新品🍁 以高地種植的優質18/25 Altura咖啡作基底,加入甘甜飄香的楓糖,為秋天添上一種濃厚香醇的甜。   

秋意逐漸轉濃,至適合品嚐期間限定的兩款秋季新品🍁 以高地種植的優質18/25 Altura咖啡作基底,加入甘甜飄香的楓糖,為秋天添上一種濃厚香醇的甜。再於頂層鋪滿幼滑的鮮忌廉,令人無法抗拒。

#MapleChestnutLatte #MapleMocha
Two perfect-for-fall beverages are here to make you fall in love with maple. Using the rich and balanced farm direct 18/25 Altura coffee as the base for both drinks, the strong tastes are enhanced by luscious maple flavours. Topped with whipped cream, these are absolute treats!
*Available until Nov 3. Available in hot as well....
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