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係屋企做野做到悶悶地 😩😫😕,或者愁緊去邊度食野飲野既時候,不如來Dan Ryan's一路食一路飲!   

係屋企做野做到悶悶地 😩😫😕,或者愁緊去邊度食野飲野既時候,不如來Dan Ryan's一路食一路飲!!🤩🤪!由即日起,Dan Ryan's全港分店每一日都係歡樂時光!🥳指定飲品買一送一!🍼🍺🍶🍷🥂 星期一至日兩點後買一送一! 快d來啦!!!等你啊!💯💯 If you are still thinking of where to go for a drink and snacks now,,,😕🤔😩Come to Dan Ryan's for Buy 1 get 1 Happy Hour starting from 2:00pm until late every day😳😳😳😳YES ---- That's right, Monday to Sunday, Buy 1 get 1!!!!!! 🍷🍼🍺🥂🥂🍶Can't wait to you see all🥳🥳🥳