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新品到港! A.O.R有機認證補濕亮白面膜 - 這款滋潤面膜的質地為柔軟乳霜狀, 可以為乾燥缺水的皮膚立即注水,   

新品到港! A.O.R有機認證補濕亮白面膜 - 這款滋潤面膜的質地為柔軟乳霜狀, 可以為乾燥缺水的皮膚立即注水, 並舒緩受壓和敏感的皮膚。 當中的乳木果和可可脂可以深層滋潤皮膚, 同時為皮膚提供維他命A、 E和D, 進一步增強補濕效果和提亮皮膚。⁣

NEW ARRIVAL-A.O.R Certified Organic Hydrating Cream Mask-this nourishing mask will indulgently quench thirsty, dry and dehydrated complexions and offer relief to stressed and sensitive skin. A combination of cocoa seed and shea butters deeply moisturises, while feeding the skin with vitamins A, E and D to support ultimate nourishment and brighten... up your skin. This mask has a deliciously soft, creamy texture.⁣
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