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新貨抵港! 送給自己或朋友的🎁 推介。⁣ 配合你的心情挑選合適的Primavera芳香精油產品! ⁣   

新貨抵港! 送給自己或朋友的🎁 推介。⁣ 配合你的心情挑選合適的Primavera芳香精油產品! ⁣

1/ 森林漫步沐浴露⁣
帶有木質清香, 以有機雪松、 絲柏和杜松果精油製成, 具有提升能量和淨化效果, 同時呵護皮膚。 以糖基界面活性劑溫和清潔皮膚, 並使用有機冷壓的身體油, 達至補濕滋潤的功效。⁣
2/ 平衡心靈室內香薰噴霧⁣
結合玫瑰和甜橙精油, 以柔和花香調來善待自己的心靈。 配方具有平衡作用, 為家居添上和諧和滿足的氣氛。⁣

3/ 身心放鬆系列: 室內香薰噴霧 及 複方精油⁣
為你的身心帶來深層的安寧和放鬆。 薰衣草、 暹羅安息香和芳樟葉的香氣包裹著你, 給予舒緩、 寧靜和保護的效用。⁣

NEW ARRIVAL! Gift ideas🎁 for yourself or love ones. Choose your favourite Primavera wellness products to suit your mood!⁣

1/ Forest Bathing Body Wash⁣
The woody fresh Forest Walk Body Wash pampers with organic cedar, cypress and juniper berry, and gives us the gift of strength and clarity. Cleanses gently with mild sugar surfactants and has a replenishing effect with cold-pressed organic body oils.⁣

2/ In Balance Room Spray⁣
With Rose, Orange, and Geranium treats your soul with a soft floral scent. It has a balancing effect and brings harmony and satisfaction into our home.⁣

3/ Relaxed Room Spray & Relaxed Essential Oil Blend⁣
Deep rest and relaxation for the mind and body. Lavender, Siamese Benzoin and Ho Leaves have a soothing effect, protectively enveloping you and promoting serenity and relaxation.⁣

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