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每個人都渴望擁有濃密秀麗的頭髮, 除了影響我們的外表, 同時亦反映著個人健康。 我們推薦以下修護產品:⁣   

每個人都渴望擁有濃密秀麗的頭髮, 除了影響我們的外表, 同時亦反映著個人健康。 我們推薦以下修護產品:⁣

1/ Less is More玫瑰修護精華⁣
含豐富維他命, 能修復及滋養特別乾旱、 脆弱和毛躁的髮絲, 持續為秀髮補濕, 令髮絲不再開叉, 回復光澤。⁣⁣⁣⁣
2/ Less is More抗氧化光澤噴霧⁣
⁣⁣適合染燙及受壓髮質的亮澤噴霧, ⁣⁣有效柔順髮絲, 為秀髮加強光澤, 具鎖色修護功效, 並有助減少靜電及抗氧化。⁣⁣⁣⁣

3/ Less is More薰衣草柔順造型霜⁣
適合乾燥和濃密的髮質, 可當作免沖洗護髮素使用, 能使頭髮柔軟順滑, 防止毛躁, 讓髮絲更易於梳理。 於造型時 (如: 拉直時) 能阻隔熱力, 並有助防止髮絲分叉。⁣⁣

4/ Susanne Kaufmann集中修護髮膜⁣
集中修護受損髮絲, 使髮絲由髮根到髮尖均回復強韌健康。⁣ 成分的組合有效改善髮絲結構, 令髮絲變得柔順有光澤。⁣⁣

Thick, glossy hair is something we all want, and we associate it with beauty and good health. We highly recommend:⁣

⁣1/ Less is More Rose Serum⁣
An intensive vitamin-shine serum repairs and nourishes dry, brittle and frizzy hair. It's also an excellent treatment for scalp problems, providing sustainable rehydration for shine and split-free ends.⁣

2/ Less is More Lindengloss Finishing Spray⁣
Glossing spray to smooth and protect coloured and stressed hair in particular, smooth the hair structure, has anti-static and anti-oxidative effect.⁣⁣

3/ Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm⁣
Nourishing leave-in conditioner makes hair wonderfully soft, supple and easy to comb. Protects against heat when styling (e.g. when straightening) and helps to prevent split ends.⁣⁣

4/ Susanne Kaufmann Mask Intensive Repair⁣
Repairs damaged and stressed hair and regenerates, nourishes and strengthens the hair structure from the root to the tip. The hair receives new buoyancy, shine and a smooth feel.⁣

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