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Ogaenics強效健髮營養配方含獲得專利和認證的有機活性成分Keranat™, 直接在髮根的真皮乳頭為頭髮生長提供能量。 刺激細胞分裂,   

Ogaenics強效健髮營養配方含獲得專利和認證的有機活性成分Keranat™, 直接在髮根的真皮乳頭為頭髮生長提供能量。 刺激細胞分裂, 促進生長因子的分泌, 令頭髮保持在生長期的狀態, 亦使表層的結締組織增厚, 從而令頭髮更強韌。 對頭髮稀薄的女性而言, Hairleluja絕對是完美的營養補充品。⁣

The patented and certified organic active ingredient Keranat™ in Hairleluja acts on the dermal papilla, the biological motor of the hair. There, it stimulates cell proliferation and the secretion of growth factors that maintain the hair in its growth phase; it also thickens the connective tissue sheath so that the hair i...s anchored more firmly. This makes Hairleluja the perfect supplement for women with thinning hair. #Repost from📝@ogaenics⁣

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