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新品到港 - A.O.R高效抗皺修護精華!⁣⁣   

新品到港 - A.O.R高效抗皺修護精華!⁣⁣

COSMOS有機認證: 83.05%有機成分; 99.98%天然來源⁣⁣
A.O.R高效抗皺修護精華其中一款主要成分: 假交替單胞菌發酵產物萃取物是一種在南極洋發現的細菌。 當中的醣蛋白能幫助皮膚鎖住水分, 刺激皮膚內各種新陳代謝, 從而減少皺紋的深度和數量, 另外亦具有促進傷口癒合的功能。⁣

NEW ARRIVAL – A.O.R Anti Wrinkle Concentrate!⁣
COSMOS Certified Organic: 83.05% organic; 99.98% natural⁣

One of the key ingredients of A.O.R Anti Wrinkle Concentrate: Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is a bacteria discovered in the Antarctic ocean. It produces a glycoprotein that helps the skin to retain water and stimulates various metabolisms in the skin, resulting in a reduction in the depth and number of wrinkles. It also has wound healing properties.⁣

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