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你開始著手準備迎接你的寶寶嗎? 除了準備寶寶的房間之外, 家裏的化學護膚品、 化妝品更換了嗎?   

你開始著手準備迎接你的寶寶嗎? 除了準備寶寶的房間之外, 家裏的化學護膚品、 化妝品更換了嗎? 這些容易忽略的有害日用品可能會對嬰兒的健康造成不可逆轉的負面影響。 有超過35年製造有機產品歷史的德國Primavera 與我們合力研發一款非常有效的預防、 去除妊娠紋油配方 (經NaTrue認證, 100%有機)。 我們的美容顧問會為你即埸新鮮調配, 讓你回到家便可馬上使用!⁣

1) 預防配方包括: 2支有機甜杏仁油100ml, 1支有機小麥胚芽油100ml⁣

2) 去除配方包括: 1支有機甜杏仁油100ml, 3支玫瑰果籽油30ml⁣ ... Getting ready for the arrival of a new baby? One of the brands we collaborate closely with is Primavera from Germany. Primavera has been producing organic products for more than 35 years. We've co-developed a potent formula for the Prevention and Removal of stretch marks (NaTrue certified, 100% organic). Our beauty consultants will blend it for you in the shops and so it's super fresh and ready to be used instantly:⁣
1) Prevention Formula includes: Almond Oil 100ml x2, Wheat Germ Oil 100ml x1⁣

2) Removal Formula includes: Almond Oil 100ml x1, Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml x3 Creatives & beautiful images @bepoles ⁣

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