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建立良好的個人衛生習慣是讓我們遠離病毒和細菌的第一道防線。如果你未能及時使用水和梘液清潔雙手, 消毒噴霧便是幫助你對抗病菌的良伴。   

建立良好的個人衛生習慣是讓我們遠離病毒和細菌的第一道防線。如果你未能及時使用水和梘液清潔雙手, 消毒噴霧便是幫助你對抗病菌的良伴。你可以嘗試利用有機精油製作出自己的消毒噴霧! ⁣

只需要準備酒精, 例如在藥房便可購買到的醫用酒精, 再混合 Primavera的有機認證消毒噴霧精油配方。這款精油配方包括茶樹、檸檬、尤加利、杜松果及薰衣草, 適合噴在皮膚、衣物及家具上, 小孩、孕婦及寵物都適用。⁣ Establishing good personal hygiene is the first step to keep viruses and germs at bay. If soap and water are not readily available, a disinfectant spray will be your great companion to fight against harmful germs and viruses. You may try to make your own disinfectant spray using... organic essential oils! ⁣

All you need to do is mix alcohol – try rubbing alcohol, which you can easily find at any pharmacy, with Primavera Certified Organic Disinfectant Spray Blend. The blend includes Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry and Lavender essential oils. You can sprinkle the spray on your skin, clothes, and furniture, and it is safe for children, pregnant women and pets, too.⁣

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