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來自澳洲的全新品牌 - AOR有機突破性高效護膚系列現已於BEYORG有售! AOR 的嚴格標準:⁣   

來自澳洲的全新品牌 - AOR有機突破性高效護膚系列現已於BEYORG有售! AOR 的嚴格標準:⁣

1) COSMOS 有機認證: AOR 產品成分天然有機, 並獲得COSMOS有機認證。⁣

2) 亞洲肌膚專屬: 專為細膩的亞洲肌膚研製最高效產品。適合所有肌膚類型, 包括敏感肌膚, 也適合孕婦和哺乳期女性使用。⁣...

3) 環保包裝: AOR 產品的所有包裝紙、包裝盒、試管及每塊面膜均以可生物分解的酵素製作, 讓它們能在堆填區分解。客人也可以選擇旅行袋而不要包裝盒, 不需要額外付費。⁣

AOR 的精美包裝設計由@bepoles 操刀⁣ New launch at BEYORG - AOR high performance organic skincare from Australia! AOR standard:⁣

1) COSMOS Organic Standard: AOR products are all produced and manufactured in accordance with COSMOS’ strict standards.⁣

2) For Asian Skin: AOR products are especially designed for delicate Asian skin, even for sensitive skin, and for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.⁣

3) Eco-friendly packaging: The test tube for each sheet mask is made of a biodegradable enzyme that breaks down in landfill. We use bio-degradable paper and boxes for all AOR packaging. And customers can choose the packaging in a reusable travel pouch instead of a box at no extra cost.⁣

Beautiful packaging design by @bepoles⁣ Follow us on instagram @beyorg
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