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重新認識礦物泥面膜: "我們發現市面上的面膜泥缺乏某些元素-尤其是對於深受污染和潮濕天氣所影響的肌膚而言。   

重新認識礦物泥面膜: "我們發現市面上的面膜泥缺乏某些元素-尤其是對於深受污染和潮濕天氣所影響的肌膚而言。根據我們的經驗, 大部份的清潔面膜都令肌膚顯得相對乾淨, 但也令肌膚變得乾燥、暗啞, 甚至產生過敏反應。因此AOR 研發了全新的面膜泥, 它不僅能深層排毒, 而且還能給肌膚補充水分, 令肌膚明顯變得年輕亮白。"⁣⁣

AOR 面膜泥的獨特配方, 令肌膚能對抗環境傷害和潮濕天氣。它含100%有機膨潤土和高嶺土, ⁣能疏通毛孔、去除老化角質。面膜泥採用多種高效成分配製而成, 將乳霜及活性粉末放進碗內, 用面膜掃混合, 便可以激活成分, 達至最佳的排毒效果。⁣⁣
"AOR 希望從這些功效顯著的成分中保留所有養份, 所以我們選擇採用簡單的混合步驟便能將⁣成分激活。雖然坊間的面膜泥更方便使用, 但如果在使用前一刻才把材料混合, 面膜就會更新鮮更有效。而且無需添加任何防腐劑或不必要的添加劑, 就能真正達到護養肌膚的功效。所以, ⁣每次面膜粉的使用份量都已經過細心量度並存放在小瓶中, 您只須把活化乳霜加進面膜粉中即可⁣使用。"⁣⁣...
首次購買有機面膜泥 . 深層清潔, 即可獲贈免費AOR 陶瓷碗 + 面膜掃一套⁣

AOR 的精美包裝設計由@bepoles 操刀⁣ Rethinking the clay mask: "We also felt clay masks were missing something – particularly for skin battered by pollution and humidity. In our experience, most cleansing masks on the market left women with skin that was clean, yet dried out and dull, or even irritated. So AOR created a clay mask that not only detoxifies on a deep level, but also gives skin a vital dose of hydration, delivering visible youth and brightening."⁣⁣
Uniquely formulated to combat environmental damage and humidity, AOR’s clay mask contains 100% organic bentonite and kaolin clay to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. This mask detoxifies and restores skin's natural health through a potent combination of ingredients that are activated when ground together using a bowl and brush. ⁣⁣
"Our intention is to retain every ounce of nutrition from all the wonderful ingredients we use – that's why we chose to create a mask that requires a simple, one-step mixing process to activate it. A ready-to-use clay mask is easy to make, of course, but by making yours when you’re ready to use it, your skin will benefit from enhanced freshness and potency that hasn’t been compromised by preservation processes or unnecessary additives. Each dose has been carefully prepared in a small vial; simply add the activator into the mix and you’re ready to go."⁣⁣

*COMPLIMENTARY AOR BOWL AND BRUSH SET for the first purchase of Detox & Brighten Clay Mask⁣

Beautiful packaging design by @bepoles⁣⁣

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