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敬請期待新品到港! Susanne Kaufmann Line A 產品的配方已經以最嶄新的科研結果重新設計, 並加以著重對抗環境污染和皮膚敏感。⁣   

敬請期待新品到港! Susanne Kaufmann Line A 產品的配方已經以最嶄新的科研結果重新設計, 並加以著重對抗環境污染和皮膚敏感。⁣

一直以來, Susanne Kaufmann Line A 系列在天然抗衰老護膚方面都是最創新的。Line A 抗衰老系列可以立即提供撫平效果, 使肌膚恢復活力, 並且是採用有機和高效的成分。能達到這個功效必須歸功於經過多年廣泛研究所開發的活性成分組合, 以及添加了新的專利成分組合, 以保護肌膚免受環境損害。⁣ Stay tuned, new products arriving soon!⁣...

Susanne Kaufmann Line A Relaunch - new formulations with the latest scientific findings, with an added focus on environmental pollution and skin sensitivity.⁣

For more than 10 years, Susanne Kaufmann has been developing highly effective anti-aging products using natural active ingredients and state-of-the-art technology with the goal to slow down the skin aging process.⁣

Susanne Kaufmann Anti-Aging Line A supports the skins recovery process on a cellular level, renewing the deposits of vital nutrients to keep collagen production high. They have also added a new patented ingredient combination to protect the skin against environmental damage.⁣

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