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維他命B12能為你的情緒、皮膚、頭髮以及心臟健康提供多種益處。人體需要它來製造紅血球、神經細胞的形成、DNA及更多。成年人平均每天應攝取4微克。像大多數維他命一樣, B12不能由人體自身製造。相反, 它需要從我們的食物中攝取。那麼維他命B12在我們的身體能發揮甚麼作用呢? 1) 提供更多能量

2) 支持細胞生長
3) 改善情緒和心理健康...
4) 提高認知能力
5) 支持胎兒的健康發育
6) 幫助排毒 根據研究顯示, 女性每天平均攝取維他命B12僅為3.8微克, 年輕女性的攝取量甚至更低。而素食者、純素主義者及60歲以上人士更是攝取低於參考水平的一群。儘管攝取量低於參考水平並不等於缺乏, 但卻增加了出現缺乏的可能性。因此一般建議素食者、純素主義者、孕婦和哺乳期內的媽媽服用維他命B12營養補充品。 Vitamin B12 offers a variety of benefits for your mood, skin and hair as well as your heart health. The human body needs it to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA and more. The average adult should get 4 micrograms per day. Like most vitamins, B12 can not be made by the body itself. Instead, it needs to be fed from our food. So what does the body really need vitamin B12 for? 1) gives more energy
2) supports cell growth
3) improves mood and mental health
4) improve cognitive performance
5) supports the healthy development of the fetus
6) helps with detoxification According to the studies, the average intake of vitamin B12 in women is only 3.8 μg per day, with the younger women showing even worse values. Risk groups for intake below the reference levels for vitamin B12 intake are vegans and vegetarians as well as people over the age of 60 years. Although intake below the reference level does not equate to a deficiency, it increases the likelihood of a deficiency. For vegans, vegetarians, pregnant and lactating women, vitamin B12 dietary supplements are recommended. Follow us on instagram @beyorg
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