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美國國家地理雜誌提及"五十個旅人必遊之地", 當中包括在香港乘搭天星小輪遊覽維多利亞港。   

美國國家地理雜誌提及"五十個旅人必遊之地", 當中包括在香港乘搭天星小輪遊覽維多利亞港。坐在天星小輪欣賞維多利亞港上空移動的天際線及日夜不同的美景, 對旅人來說定會是一個非常浪漫的體驗。 A crossing of Victoria Harbour on a Star Ferry has been named by the National Geographic of Traveler as one of the "fifty places of a lifetime". It would be an extremely romantic experience to enjoy the moving skyline across the harbour on the Star Ferry. #Repost from 📸@unlimitedhongkong instagram Follow us on instagram @beyorg...

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