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慢性壓力的主要症狀之一是持續疲勞。與急性壓力不同, 慢性壓力可持續數週、數月甚至數年。   

慢性壓力的主要症狀之一是持續疲勞。與急性壓力不同, 慢性壓力可持續數週、數月甚至數年。這些無形的壓力逐漸蠶食心靈, 對身體健康造成影響。這可能是由工作、人際關係、財務狀況或其他因素所造成。從長遠來看, 這種壓力會導致身心靈受損。 生理方面: 隨著長時間受壓, 內分泌系統對慢性壓力的反應會導致血液中循環的激素比例增高。影響包括高血壓、肌肉組織損傷、免疫系統抑制,生長抑制和長期心理健康影響。另外, 心臟病、高膽固醇, 第二型糖尿病和抑鬱症也與慢性壓力有關。以下是一些針對慢性壓力的急救措施: 1) 避免攝取咖啡因...

2) 少吃精製碳水化合物
3) 多服用維生素B群
4) 多服用鎂 One of the major symptoms of chronic stress is the constant tiredness. Unlike acute stress, chronic stress can last for weeks, months or even years. It can feel like relentless pressure devouring mind, body and soul. It can be caused by your job, your relationship, your finances or a number of other factors. In the long run, this type of stress can lead to body wear. The physical side: over time, the response of the endocrine system to chronic stress results in a high proportion of hormones circulating in the bloodstream. The effects include high blood pressure, damage to muscle tissue, suppression of the immune system, growth inhibition and long-term mental health effects. Heart disease, high cholesterol, type II diabetes and depression are also associated with chronic stress. Here are some first aid measures for chronic stress: 1) avoid caffeine
2) eat less refined carbohydrates
3) take more B vitamins
4) take more magnesium Follow us on instagram @beyorg
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