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新品到港 - Ogaenics抗皺養顏營養配方! 配方為100%有機認證的全素美容營養補充品, 能有效減淡衰老跡象。   

新品到港 - Ogaenics抗皺養顏營養配方! 配方為100%有機認證的全素美容營養補充品, 能有效減淡衰老跡象。經6項臨床證實有效抗衰老, 並於12週內明顯減淡紋理。能保護及強化肌膚屏障, 促進膠原蛋白製造, 以提升肌膚彈性。 NEW ARRIVAL - Ogaenics Anti-Wrinkle Komplex!... The first ever 100% certified organic and vegan skin complex with ceramides and plant-based squalene. Anti-aging effect proven by 6 clinical studies, after 12 weeks wrinkle are visibly reduced. Protects and strengthens the skin barrier, stimulates collagen production for more elasticity. Follow us on instagram @beyorg

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