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感謝Little Butterfly London的創辦人兼CEO Gudrun Wurm 從倫敦到香港與我們分享了她的品牌理念及最新產品:多效舒護嬰兒面霜的用法。   

感謝Little Butterfly London的創辦人兼CEO Gudrun Wurm 從倫敦到香港與我們分享了她的品牌理念及最新產品:多效舒護嬰兒面霜的用法。 屢獲殊榮的 Little Butterfly 嬰兒系列所有產品均在英國研發及製造,並只採用最優秀的天然和有機成分精心調製, 符合嚴格的歐盟ECOCERT 有機認證、素食認證及經皮膚科醫生測試, 適合具敏感性、新生嬰兒或濕疹肌膚使用。 We were most happy that Little Butterfly London founder and CEO Gudrun Wurm came to HK to share with us her special Calming Anti-pollution Baby Face Cream product training.... Little Butterfly baby products are created with care in London and manufactured exclusively in England. They contain only the most exquisite natural and organic ingredients. This award-winning baby collection is certified organic by ECOCERT, endorsed by Vegetarian Society and dermatologically approved for sensitive, newborn and eczema-prone skin. #Babycare #littlebutterflylondon #BEYORG #TurnOrganic #OrganicSkincare 展开