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近日香港新冠肺炎的確診數字又再次飆升和在社會擴散, 我們不知道何時或在甚麼地方會被感染。⁣ 除了帶口罩和勤洗手外, 最有效的自我保護是增強自身的免疫系統!⁣   

近日香港新冠肺炎的確診數字又再次飆升和在社會擴散, 我們不知道何時或在甚麼地方會被感染。⁣ 除了帶口罩和勤洗手外, 最有效的自我保護是增強自身的免疫系統!⁣

⁣德國Ogaenics, 100%天然有機, 以下3種產品全面提升免疫力: ⁣
1) 守護免疫系統配方⁣⁣...
保護細胞及提升免疫力, 含最重要的天然免疫力增強劑。⁣⁣
2) 植物性維他命C⁣⁣
維他命C是對人體免疫及神經系統很重要的營養素, 有助製造膠原蛋白及傷口癒合。⁣⁣
3) 植物性維他命D⁣⁣
維生素D有助於控制炎症, 並在免疫系統中具有調節功能。 能調節細胞分裂, 細胞生長和細胞死亡。⁣⁣

COVID-19 cases are shooting up again in Hong Kong in the form of a community spread. Don’t know when and where we might get infected but the risk is definitely escalating. On top of wearing masks and washing hands diligently, the most effective way to protect ourselves is to strengthen our own immune system.⁣

100% Natural & Organic Immune Boosting Combo⁣ x3⁣
Ogaenics from Germany⁣ ⁣
1) Body Guard Immunity Komplex⁣⁣
A highly effective defense booster that contains the most important natural immune boosters for maximum cell protection.⁣⁣
2) Healthy Kick Plant-based Vitamin C⁣⁣
Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient; it helps keep your immune and nervous systems healthy, it aids in the production of collagen and in wound healing.⁣⁣
3) Hello Sunshine Plant-based Vitamin D⁣⁣
Vitamin D helps control inflammation and has a regulating function within the immune system. It regulates cell division, cell growth and cell death.⁣

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