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新品到港! Little Butterfly寶寶滋潤護膚體驗套裝。⁣   

新品到港! Little Butterfly寶寶滋潤護膚體驗套裝。⁣

套裝給合了寶寶由頭到腳的所有必需品, 能鎮靜、 治愈和保護寶寶的皮膚, 悉心呵護寶寶的同時享受日常護理的愉快時光。 產品包括: 寶寶沐浴/洗髮露、 嬰兒潤膚露、 多效舒護嬰兒面霜、 嬰兒按摩油、 嬰兒護臀膏。⁣

其中一款熱賣產品: 100%有機母嬰按摩油, 帶有淡淡柑橘和香橙味, 能保護及深層滋潤肌膚, 幫助嬰兒入睡及柔軟媽媽嬌嫩的肌膚, 護膚之餘亦可加強親子關係。 濕疹或敏感肌膚亦適用。⁣...

NEW ARRIVAL! Little Butterfly journey of discovery - the luxury essentials skincare collection.⁣

The collection combines all the head-to-toe essentials needed to calm, heal and protect baby’s skin, while also pampering little one and bringing joy to the nursery routine. Included: Top to Toe Wash, Body Lotion, Baby Face Cream, Baby Massage Oil, Nappy Change Cream.⁣

One of the hero products: 100% organic Mother and Baby Massage Oil protects and deeply nourishes delicate skin. Perfect for a beautiful bonding experience with your little one. Lightly infused with mandarin and orange pure essential oils, to calm, soothe and lend a subtle sweet fragrance. Suitable for sensitive, eczema-prone or reactive skin.⁣ Follow us on instagram @beyorg
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